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RADA instal is dedicated to providing you the best work or leisure climate both for industrial and residential locations.

RADA instal supplies products and services for the heating/cooling/and ventilation of industrial facilities, warehouses, tents, mechanical workshops etc.  We also provide solutions and equipment for exhaust, filtering, humidifying or dehumidifying systems for production facilities where a strictly controlled climate is necessary.



Due to our experience and the experience of our German and Danish partners, we can create heating/cooling/ventilation systems for any types of applications. Regardless if it is the heating/cooling of an office facility, the ventilation of a laboratory or the homogenous and balanced heating of an industrial facility, our specialists will design, sell, mount and install the best equipment.

The quality of our design, installing and maintenance services meet the German quality of the equipment we sell. Our foreign suppliers’ regular audits have made us meet the highest standards of services, suitable for the products we sell.


Our knowhow, which we make available for our customers, combines the German accuracy and professionalism with the flexibility of a medium-sized company.

We treat every new project as a unique application, and our flexible approach shows that we like to create and provide the best solution for each application.


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