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Stationary warm air heater type S


Type S warm air heaters are heating appliances that stand out due to their wide range of uses. 

Unlike other heating systems, they can be installed directly in the location needing heating or in adjacent areas, as the produced warm air can be transported by a duct system to the areas you want to heat.

Kroll stationary warm air heaters offer highest comfort in halls of every kind and size: 


  • In exhibition halls and schowrooms 
  • In garages 
  • In furniture warehouses 
  • In sports facilities and gymnasiums 
  • In green houses and garden centres 
  • In stables and animal-rearing facilities 
  • In photo and film studios 
  • And many more ... 


There is no heat-up period, they work economically and environmentally friendly and assure a comfortable and consistent climate during the whole year.

Technical details
  • Power range: from 25 to 650 kW
  • Can be equiped with buners working on gas, liquid gas, Diesel, waste oil, vegetable oil, raps oil etc.
  • Air flow: 1650 m³/h – 48500 m³/h
  • Can be connected to an air duct system
  • Efficiency 92%
  • The heat exchanger is made of steel with virbulators for a higher heat transfer
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • The hosuing consists of removable panels made of zinc-plated sheet  
  • Special accessories such as louvre control, intake filter, silencer etc. assure to solve every heating problem as requested. The units can be fired with oil or gas burners.