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Universal oil burners (waste oil, vegetable oil...) type KG/UB


Mineral, vegetable and animal oils can be used as fuel without any significant modifications to the burner. All you have to do is turn a dial to re-adjust the pre-heating temperature and the combustion air according to the fuel to be used:


  • rapeseed oil
  • palm-oil
  • used deep-fry oils 
  • animal oils 
  • mineral oils 


Due to ever increasing costs of mineral oils, vegetable oils have become more and more important. Their energetic density is very close to the values of heating oil. Vegetable oils are renewable, CO2-neutral and do not contain any sulphur or heavy metals.


Economic efficiency:

Being independent from the mineral oil market can allow you to reduce your fuel costs. Farmers can become self sufficient, growing their own oil supplies. The low initial investment is also an important factor, as the pay back is often a very short period. The Kroll universal oil burner gives you the flexibility to choose your desired fuel based on current market prices.

Technical details
  • Power range: 14 – 1.300 kW

  • Consumption: 1,4 – 110 kg/h

  • Preheating: 1100 W

  • Electrical connection: 230 / 400 V